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The PSBT Club's primary objective is to promote in every way, the general perception and knowledge about Staffords. This site aims to provide you with information you may need to be a responsible pet owner and breeder and to help keep your pet contented and happy. We promote sensible and responsible breeding of Staffords


  • We encourage people to provide input into the PSBTC decision-making process.

  • We want to raise the importance of the PSBTC in the eyes of the public, Stafford and other dog owners and those who take part in canine activities so as to be better able “to promote in every way the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

  • The PSBTC strives to be the  the first port of call on all Stafford matters. 

  • We highly value the importance of  Stafford health and welfare. 

  • We strive to widen our membership base in order to ease communication.

  • We encourage the development of all those concerned with Staffords through education and training.


About the club


The Pretoria Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club was established during the second half of 1983 to address the needs of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeder en admirer in the Pretoria area. The PSBTC is registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA). KUSA is the central body for dog registrations in South Africa. The PSBTC also enjoy admiration from several dog control bodies worldwide.

The club currently presents three shows per year which consist of two open and one championship show in May. Our first license to present a championship show was issued in 1985 from KUSA. This has become a yearly event and we attract entries from all over the country as well as the odd international entry. We previously had well over the 200 entries per show, and we currently average entries of about 180.

We believe that the PSBTC is one of the most dynamic specialist clubs in the dog world. The club has got members from over the whole of South Africa as well as the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

The PSBTC highly value the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his history. Please inform yourself about this exceptional breed (click here to read about the History of the SBT)



Officials Holding Office

  • Chairman:                                          Mr Louis Coetsee
  • Vice Chairman:                                Mrs Lauren Mallet-Veale
  • Treasurer:                                         Mrs Amanda Joubert
  • Secretary:                                        Mrs Adele Coetsee
  • Rest of Committee Members: Mr Danie Swanevelder
  •                                                                 Mr Theo Joubert
  •                                                                 Mr Andrew Theophanous
  •                                                                 Mr Nicola Sakota
  •                                                                 Mrs Judy Davies


  • President                                           Mr P Nancarrow
  • Patron                                                 Mr A Goetsch
  • Vice Presidents                              Ms D Lurie
  •                                                                Mr K Love
  •                                                                Mrs A Love
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