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Not just a dog - Its a Stafford

The Nanny Dog


The Stafford is known by the affectionate nickname, "The Children's Nursemaid" or "The Nanny Dog." Their tolerance of, and affection for, children is well known. That doesn't mean, however, that it's a wise idea of put the puppy and child together without supervision. Children should learn to respect the dog and neither should indulge in play that is too rough. Some Staffords - even the males - have a "mothering instinct" and will stick right by the little ones, whether they are puppies or kids. A Stafford, "tough" and not as quick to react to pain or discomfort, is likely to make allowance for the attentions of toddler, finding a refuge elsewhere only when things become too overwhelming.

Please note

If you have a busy lifestyle and can not give this dog the necessary attention -  DO NOT BUY A STAFFORD! These dogs crave your attention, companionship, and are tireless love sponges. They tend to "adopt" a certain person in the family and if they never see another dog in their lifetime, but spend only time with that person - it is just fine with them. This can annoy those who are used to a dog that amuses itself, is content to sit in its basket, prefers the companionship of another dog, or will settle for a quick occasional pat. A Stafford is a people's dog - period. Ignoring a Stafford or shutting it away from you will make him very unhappy, frustrated, and he will become a nuisance in the household...


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