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BOB - Chassuki Lady Arwen of Thalion
RBOB & BOS - Larumo One and Only
BP - Larumo Jagged Ice  (Bitch)
BOSP - Maque Chaka
Best Jnr. - Larumo One and Only
Best Veteran - Riefra Golden Miracle of Sylon
Dog CC (2pt) - Larumo One and Only
RCC - Tuscany Hobmans Choice
Bitch CC (2pt) - Chassuki Lady Arwen of Thalion
Bitch RCC - Vangershire Double Trouble of Stapphire HD00

I was greatly honoured to be invited to judge this prestigious show.   I thank exhibitors for a lovely entry of 77 and in the way they accepted my decisions. My gratitude also goes to everyone who made my stay in South Africa so memorable, I give thanks to my ring steward for making my judging so enjoyable and of course our beloved breed the Staffy, as without them there would be no shows. The qualities of the breed I found was of excellent type, good shape to heads, nice frontage and bone, mouths were of good standard and coats and condition of exhibits were in pristine condition. Points in my opinion which need attention are ear carriage, toplines could be improved and feet could be better through shorter nails. I am pleased to say my main winners did not have these faults. Overall exhibits were of good standard and temperament and a pleasure to judge. 

M P D  (5)  1.      Riekert, Maque Chaka  Nice tidy Bl/Br. Typical head and make, nice front, level top, good bite, neat ears. Coming along on right lines. Handled and shown well..

                   2.      Cronje, Maque Deisel   Bl/Br. Another nice tidy Bl/Br, Not much between these two, same attributes. Just preferred better topline of winner.

                   3.      Strachan, Rioghal Knight O’Honor  Mah /Br.  Shade longer cast than first two. Nice head and make. Bite ok. Ears, front, topline all in order. Plenty of time for this trio of minors to mature. 

PD              No Entries. Disappointing class. Was looking forward to seeing puppy dogs. 

JD (6)         1.      Smith + Coetsee, Larumo One and Only,   Wt/Bl/Br     Took my eye when entering the ring. Just my type, lovely headshape and make. Excellent mouth, straight front, level top and strong quarters.  Nice bend of stifle, up on his toes, shown to perfection and moved out with drive, fore and aft. Nicely boned dog of correct proportions. Deserved the CC today and got it.  Must surely gain his title. Pleasure to judge. Congratulations.  CC and Best Junior.

                   2.      McKechnie, Clanmacmer Pride of Gaul, R/Wt Dog of good type, not much between these two. Just preferred better movement of winner on day and better stifle, but a nice dog in the making and will do his share of winning.

                   3.      Muller, Boehringers Orval Oscar,      R/Wt  Lovely Head and type, eye colour in relation to coat. Level back, sound dog, handled well. 

G(3)            1.      Scholtz, Tuscany Hobmans Choice,  Mah/Br  Another one of my type. Came close today to the CC.  In hard condition throughout. Nice head, ears, eye and mouth all bang on.  Straight front, level top line and barrel rib.  Up on toes all the time. A worthy dog of substance and will make a lovely Champion.  RCC today.

                   2.      Lubbe, Niccyn Potos,                  R/W  Unlucky to meet 1 in such fine order. Neat headpiece, bite ok, level top on the move, good pigment and structure. Worthy dog.

                   3.      Van Niekerk, Berinacois Knersus,     Dk/Br   Just a shade long cast for me, but of good type and enjoyed his day out.  Moved ok with a level back fore and aft. 

S A Bred(9)1. Van Niekerk, Ch. Sylon Borris  R/W.  Can see why he is Champion. Lovely standard type. Dog of substance, good head and shape and type, strong through. Neat ears. Level Back. Nice round bone on front legs, ample drop of brisket. Strong back end and in hard physical condition.

                   2.      Coetzer, Zeracious Oakley Mah/Br.  Another close decision, lovely type and head qualities, straight front, ample bone, strong through muzzle and width, good top and quarters. Handled and shown well.

                   3.      Van Niekerk, Sylon Bronco  Dk/Br.  Another good type from this kennel. Grand headshape and true front. Good bite, front, legs and body all in order. Shown to perfection, unlucky to meet first two in such good order.    

Import(1)    1.      Grek, Ch. Nethertonian King o’ the Ring  Bl/Br. Know this breeding very well, was a shade long for me, but teeth could do with a clean, and a bit more hard work put in. But otherwise a nice dog. 

O D (12)     1.      Van Niekerk, Ch Sylon Leo  Dk/Br  Another cracker from this kennel, and can see why he is a champion. All in outstanding order, coat to die for, quality headpiece. Ears eyes bite, front, topline, legs, quarters all in A1 condition. Was a pleasure to judge a dog of good merit. Shown and handled well.

                   2.      Richards, Richmax Chief of War   Bl/Br.  Another good blend of Bull and Terrier. Ideal size and make. All in good order once again.  Shaded out by dog in pristine condition.

                   3.      Coetzer, Ch Zeracious Zero to Hero   Bl/Br  Excellent trio. Will change places many times. A pleasure to judge. Three fine exhibits. 

Ch (6)         1.      Smith + Coetsee, Ch Richmax Mischief Maker of Larumo  Bl/Br of immense substance and strength. Condition of the best. Head qualities, bite, frontage. Stood square and demanded attention. Up on his toes. Looked a picture standing and deserved his placing. 

                   2.      Richards, Ch Richmax Dream Maker  Bl/Br/W Good    type unfortunate to meet 1 on the day.  Good dog of merit. A good Champion and no mistake. Also up on toes and shown very well to advantage.

                   3.      Lubbe,  Ch Sylon Bliksem of Niccyn

                   Handler took dog from ring before notes could be taken.


MPB (4)     1.      Smith + Coetsee, Larumo Jagged Ice   Bl/Br   She was my star puppy and what a cracker she is. Excellent type, straight out of the top drawer. Excelled in all departments. What more can I say. Could have brought her back to the UK and made her a Champion and I am sure she will be a S A Champion in time, once maturity edges in. Congratulations! You have bred a star. Best Puppy in Breed.

                   2.      Strachan, Rioghal Stop n Stare Bl/Br Had to be a good one to beat her, and unfortunately there was one in such outstanding merit. Same attributes as 1, but not so good substance. Another nice typey puppy who can make the top.

                   3.      Van Heerden, Raminartus Lady Nushka     Red pup, upstanding. Many good virtues and was unfortunate to meet 1 + 2 on the day, but was a shade long cast for  my ideal. 

PB (3)        1.      Goetsch, Agoa Little Orchid       Bl/Br Nice type, straight front, good typey sort. Bite ok, all in good order.  Topline will tighten. Stick with it, there is time on your side.

                  2.          Van Niekerk, Niccyn Bubbles of Sylon,      Mah/Br       Touched off by a more fit bitch, but a bitch to be proud of. Some very good attributes and can only get better.  

JB (3)         1.      Richards,  Richmax Trigger’s Dol,     Bl/W/Br  Nice blend of Bull and Terrier. Good head, nice straight front and topline. Good drop of brisket. Excelled in many departments. A nice tidy bitch who could go far. Shown and handled well.

                   2.      Grek, Kelev Dainty Bess,  Bl/Br Nice head and make, not much between these two. Level top on the move, hind end coming along nicely. Shown and handled well. Time on her side.

                   3.      McKechnie, Clanmacmer Pot of Gold,        Red of strength throughout. Good head and body, topline and front.  Legs and qts in fine fettle. Will change placings many times, a nice type. 

GB (1)        1.      Van Niekerk, Riefra Ebony Star,          Mah/Br       Stood alone but did not deny her the placing. Good bitch with a sound body and headpiece. Moved well but would benefit with much less weight. 

SABB (7)    1.      Mateus,  Majaz Phoebe Rose,    Red of type and conformation. Good expression, dark eye, scissor bite, straight front, level back, good qts.  Handler worked very hard to get the best out of her.  Shown very well to advantage, worthy winner.

                   2.      Webb, Richmax Designer Label,         Bl/Br  Nice typey bitch with good credentials. Head, ears, eyes, bite all correct with a nice straight front. Ample bone, topline level on the move.  Hind end on right lines.  Good type of bitch. Keep at it.

                   3.                Van Niekerk, Sylon Royal Flush,         Very typey, up on toes, nice dark eye and placement. Shame about her ear, but nevertheless a bitch of substance and to the right dog will produce typey pups. 

VB (1)        1.      Van Niekerk, Riefra Golden Miracle of Sylon,     10 years young and could see she was a nice girl in her hey day.  Not moving too well today but could not deny her a first prize. 

OB (11)      1.      Armstrong, Chassuki Lady Arwen of Thalion,    R/W  Hit me straight away when entering the ring, couldn’t take my eyes off her, just my type of bitch.  Excelled in all departments, from head to feet.  Shown in pristine condition and moved round the ring as if she owned it, demanding attention.  Would have taken  her home also to the UK. Gave the CC on outstanding virtues and was pleased later to learn it was her 3rd  qualifying ticket to gain her title.  Was a pleasure to award her Best of Breed. Thanks for bringing her, you have an outstanding lady.  Congratulations.

                   2.      Jackson + Ousman, Vangershire Double Trouble of Stapphire, It took a very good one to beat this tiger brindle, She was bang on standard, what I was looking for.  Lovley headpiece, ears to match. Dark eyes, scissor bite, lovely straight front. Topline to match.  Hindquarters of strength. In gleaming coat condition and moved like a dream.  Shaded out today but your day will come. Pleasure to judge, my RCC.

                   3.      Richards, Richmax the Legacy, Bl/Br These three bitches were of very high standard and will change placings in many occasion.  It was my decision today in my placings, but not everyone is of the same mind.  A bitch being third in this class was an honour with a class of this nature and quality, which only speaks well for the Staffies in South Africa. I ca say no more, just that your day will come. 

CB (6)        1.      Strachan, Ch Zeracious Xpect the Best of Rioghal,    This Bl/Br caught my eye from the start and was not disappointed when going over her. Another right to standard.  Punishing head, set off with nice ear carriage, dark eyes, strength and width through muzzle. Lovely frontage, nice top on the move. Hind end of power, moved out with drive, could see why she was a Champion. Worthy winner in another good class. Shown and handled very well.

                   2.      Steyn, Ch Riefra Mon Cherie,    R/W  Good bitch. Everything in order, lost out to a bitch in very good form, but a nice R/W bitch to be proud of.

                   3.      Richards, Ch Mzuri Cindy of Bronxton,      Red bitch who spoiled her chances by carrying too much weight on the day, but could not deny her placing with her overall virtues. 

Judge: Jeff Ford (UK)


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