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BOB -  Bezt Thoma Hawk  
RBOB & BOS -CH Sylon Black Pearl of Sivhana  
BP -Larumo Sakima Leo  
BOSP - Kelev Julia's Rose  
Best Jnr. - Bezt Thoma Hawk  
Best Veteran - Ch. Richmax Belle Noite   
Dog CC (2pt) - Bezt Thoma Hawk  
Dog RCC -CH Sylon Saphooka Bullet of Sivhana  
Bitch CC (2pt) -CH Sylon Black Pearl of Sivhana  
Bitch RCC - Zeracious Zoe of Rosswar  




 SHOW 9th MAY 2010


Judge: Mr.Steve Whitehouse : Frairstaff  (UK) 


I must start by thanking everyone I have met in SA for making our stay such a fantastic experience, also the Officers and Committee for putting on a truly professional show, as I know personally how hard much hard work and effort goes into running a show.

The dogs and bitches that I had the pleasure of judging were all of a high standard and quality, there doesn’t seem to be any major reoccurring problems, my only concern was the fitness levels of many of my exhibitors.  Anyone that knows me knows I love fit hard animals well cut and defined. The fitness levels of did affect some placing of very good dogs and bitches.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every exhibitor who entered their stock, I really enjoyed my day and hope you did.


Minor Puppy Dog

1.    Coetsee & Smith - Yardstick Rob Roy of Larumo

Black Brindle:  Just a baby, quality is already shinning through. Good Head and Quarters moves along with drive.


2.     Van Heerden - Seastaff Top Gun of Eukleia

Red & White: Young man with similar attributes to 1st would have liked a bit of a darker eye moved ok.



Puppy Dog

1.    Coetsee & Smith - Larumo Sakima Leo

Black Brindle: Young dog who will have a great show career, a very good blend of Bull & Terrier. Well placed eyes in a strong but not over done head, level topline stood and on the move. Good definition moved and handled well a credit to his owners.


2.    Van Niekerk – Raminartus Peter Yoti

Black Brindle: Very strong in the foreface good body and angulations, a bit to heavy for me moved ok, but was struggling a little bit in the sun.



Junior Dog

1.    Bezuidenhout – Bezt Thoma Hawk

Black Brindle: This dog caught my eye when moving around the ring. This dog was probably the fittest dog on the day, which moved with drive and vigour kept his head up when moving which helped show off his good topline. Good round dark eye ample head strength with a strong muscular body. To make a nice balanced picture both stood and on the move. I had no hesitation in awarding this dog CC winner and Best of Breed.


2.    Van Der Walt  - Sivhana Jabulani

Red: Good all round, a lot to like about him good pigmentation good angles not as fit as 1st but moved with drive.


3.    Love – Rosswar Ice Man

Black Brindle: Another quality dog assets were hidden by his condition, moved ok with a good head and bite.

4.    Newman – Django

Mahogany Brindle: A dog carrying lots of attributes moved and handled well, just preferred the ear carriage on 3rd place.




Graduate Dog

1.    Louw – Raminartus Athos

Red: Short coupled dog with a good topline and angulations, tidy front a good blend of Bull & Terrier movement ok.


2.    Coetsee & Smith – Hookstaff Do it Did it Done it of Larumo (Imp Ned)

Black Brindle: In fit good condition, just preferred shorter coupling of 1st moved ok and was handled well.


3.    Loock – Larumo The Great Spirit

Brindle & White: A good type, lots of attributes, good topline and bite, just a bit to heavy.



SA Bred Dog

1.     Van Heerden – Agoe Captain Good

Black Brindle: Well constructed with a good bite good topline and a tidy front, this dog moved and handled well.


2.    Goetsch – Agoe Bruno

Black Brindle: Good head shape correct dentition good angulations, a little heavier than 1st, moves with drive has a nice dark round eye.


3.    Louw – Boehringers Ashawu Boris

Red:  A good standard type of dog, nice good front and rear end. His ear carriage and movement lost it for him today.


4.    Newman – Sylon Bounty Hunter

Black Brindle:  A quality dog good all round, attributes lost out on ear carriage and fitness.



 Veteran Dog

1.    Richards – CH Richmax Dream Maker

Black Brindle: 9 years old in very good condition for his years, still holding on to a lot of quality.



Open dog

1.    Lang  & Ten Napel – CH Sylon Saphooka Bullet of Sivhana

Red: Dog of quality with good pigmentation excellent condition, good front and back end and nice feet. His fitness helped him move around the ring with ease. Awarded Reserve CC. Lost out on his strength of Head for the CC.


2.    Coetsee & Smith – CH Larumo Shark Attack

Black Brindle: In very good quality better head shape for me that 1st good topline and well angulated back end, good front and dentition, just lost out fitness to 1st.


3.    Vermeulen – CH Frelonius One of a Kind.

Brindle & White: A lovely looking dog good bite with a level topline and flashy markings. Tidy front feet ok, lost out on 1st and 2nd place purely on animation and zest.


4.    Lurie – Kelev Modern Crusader of Delu

Black Brindle: Very strong head and construction, longer in the coupling than 1st 2nd 3rd fair movement and handled well.



Champion Dog

1.    Vermeulen – CH Frelonius Leading Man

Mahogany Brindle& White: Dog of outstanding quality cracking topline both stood and on the move, good dentition with strong quarters and lovely head shape. Nice ear carriage and good front. A worthy Champion pushed hard for top honours.


2.    Jackson & Ousman – CH Sapphire Fayan Mist

Red & White Pied: Another dog well worthy of this title similar attributes to 1st moved well , just needs a bit more muscle tone.

3.    Coetsee & Smith – Larumo Sky Walker

Black Brindle: Another Superb Champion in excellent condition, just my type of dog.

Cracking head shape lovely placement and a tidy front, a credit to the owners and breeders, lost out on movement.


4.    Matthys – KUSA Nat Dog 2009 CH Sylon Leo of Monetrouge

Black Brindle: Similar in type to 1st 2nd 3rd moved ok just a pity he was struggling in the heat.




Minor Puppy Bitch

1.    Roux (in care of Hanekom) – Yardstick Lady Avatar

Black Brindle: Just a Baby assessed her as a baby, All Quarters coming along nicely, her bite is ok a good eye strong but feminine head she moved ok.


Puppy Bitch

1.    Grek – Kelev Julias Rose

Black Brindle: Young lady in excellent condition, she won this class for me on elegance of movement, lovely shaped head good dentition with a nice dark sparkling eye. Good topline tidy front and back end, developing nicely. Best Puppy Bitch.


2.    Lang & Ten Napel – Sivhana Billie Jean

Red: Young bitch everything in order nice quarters developing feminine head lost out on movement to 1st place.


3.    Armstrong  - Thalion Lady Galadriel

Black Brindle: Just a baby nice head shape, good dentition level topline needs to come up on the leg for me.




Junior Bitch

1.    Love – Rosswar Coco Chanel

Black Brindle & White: Won this class easily she is in very good condition, moved without putting a foot wrong, good topline and dentition. Feminine head good front strong back end and handled well.


2.    Louw – Eukleia Bushka Zenna of Raminartus

Red: Bitch of substance all the attributes of 1st but too much covering, which showed on the move, a pity really could have won the class.


3.    Grek – Kelev Zoe Zerab

Black Brindle: a bitch with lots of good qualities, a bit longer in the back than i prefer but everything else is ok moved well.


4.    Alberts – Raminartus Karibu Sana

Red: This bitch is far too heavy to really compete in this class, a shame as she posses lots of quality.



Graduate Bitch

1.    Van Heerden – Eukleia Syncerusarissa

Red & White: Good Head tiny ears good dentition with a level topline another heavy bitch who would benefit more with fitness good strong front and tidy feet.



SA Bred

1.    Bezuidenhout – Richmax Girl O’Amission of Bezt

Black Brindle: A bitch in good condition clean outline feminine but strong head well placed dark round eye and a good topline. Tidy front strong in the pasterns and back end moved ok.


2.    Van Der Walt – Riefra Armful of Fun of Wilden Walt.

Red: A bitch standard in all departments looks a picture when stood, found her a bit erratic making it hard for me to asses but still worthy of her place.


3.    Coetsee & Smith – Mirrabooka Amberley Sweet of Larumo

Black Brindle: Some nice attributes good dentition, moved well decent topline handled well.


4.    Ten Naple – Sivhana Skys The Limit

Red & White: Another bitch of quality in this quality class pleasing to the eye much the same as 1st 2nd 3rd.




1.    Richards – CH Richmax Belle Noite

Black Brindle: Old girl of 11 ½  years,still enjoying herself in the ring, still possessing quality at her age. One can imagine her 7-8years ago she was probably a show girl of notoriety. She still moved around the ring with presence. A credit to her owners and breeders.


2.    Vermeulen – CH Riefra Auspicous Lady of Frelonius

Red & White: 11 year old what a wonderful ambassador for the breed, much the same as 1st just proffered the better ring presence.



Open Bitch

1.    Tennapel – CH Sylon Black Pearl of Sivhana

Black Brindle: A beautiful standard bitch, loads of quality in fit condition. Good Head with tidy dentition, correct front and level topline. This bitch has a good backend and correct front. She showed herself off to perfection, making my decision easy to award her the class, Bitch CC RBIS and BOS.


2.    Love – Zeracious Zoe of Rosswar

Black Brindle: A quality girl in a very strong class of tidy bitches. Just missedout on to 1st on ear carriage but everything else bout this bitch is correct moved and handled well.  RCC


3.    Lurie – Richmax Trophy Gal of Delu

Black Brindle: Much of the same qualities as 1st and 2nd just preferred the better topline and movement of 1st and 2nd.


4.    Armstrong – Zeracious Sage of Thalion

A tidy bitch in good condition moved ok.



Champion Bitch

1.     Lurie – CH Kelev Black Pearl of Delu

Black Brindle: A worthy champion very good mover, she could be fitter straight front and good quarters, tidy feet deserved the class.


2.    Grek – CH Kelev Dazzling Beauty

Black Brindle: Fitter than 1st but didn’t move as well good attributes worthy champion.


3.    Van Heerden – CH Raminartus Lady Nushka of Eukleia

Red: Heavy build but worthy of her status moved ok.


Judge:   Mr. Steve Whitehouse,  UK.



Email: info@psbtc.coza


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