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6TH MAY 2012

Karon  Jackson

Jackabyte  Staffords/UK

My sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge. What a great show this was, so well organised and professional, and it was obvious that everyone concerned had put alot of effort into the high quality of this show. My Ring Steward whom I thank very much for his expert help, ran the ring very efficiently.  There were many very good examples of Breed type and the majority of what I saw were of high quality. Overall there were very few major mouth faults, just odd misplaced or crooked teeth; canines were generally ok although some were tight. The main area of concern for me was the lack of condition in some exhibits; fitness and muscle tone lacked in some of the older animals as well as being overweight and this is where some lost out competitively. I personally have always had my own dogs in fit hard condition and I would expect this from anyone pursuing top honours. Handling and presentation mostly was of high standard. I would like to convey my thanks to everyone who entered and allowed me the privilege to examine their animals.

Our time in South Africa gave us the opportunity to meet and make new friends, ones I am sure will remain for many years to come. We had an absolutely fabulous time and saying thank you just isn’t enough for the warm and  generous hospitality we received. You are all lovely people and it was our pleasure to have met you all. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone and we hope to see you again one day.


Best in Show, CC Dog & Best SA Bred:

Agoe Shamat - Jadah


Reserve Best in Show & RCC Dog:

CH Vomhausharroch Burgendy Boy


Best Opp Sex in Show, CC Bitch & Best Junior:

Stapphire Red Ostara


Best Puppy in Show:

Sivhana Nero


Best Opp Sex Puppy in Show:

Stapphire Star of Mriska of Tengeenie


Best Veteran in Show:

CH Sylon Saphooka Bullet of Sivhana



Kelev Julia's Rose

 Email: info@psbtc.coza





1st Austen’s STAFFYFRIENDS FANTASMA NEGRO DE SHARRAZAR B/br of good proportions. Nice head shape. Neat ears, well placed eye. Nice overall outline. Good in bone, nice front, neat feet. Just a youngster but looks promising for the future. Just a minor observation - could have done with trimming his tail before the show.

2nd Bezuidenhout’s BEZT BUSHI’S IMPI B/br Typical head shape and skull size, pleasing expression. Good depth to brisket, nice coupling, bend of stifle ok. Tail set good.

3rd Coetsee, Pringle & Smith’s RINGMASTER FINBAR FUREY OF LARUMO


1) 2) 3) 4)


1st Ten Napel’s SIVHANA NERO Br A youngster who stood alone in this class, but his attributes are many for one so young. Lovely head and skull size/shape. Good pigmentation. Good bone. Overall build and balance is pleasing. Stood four square. Correct tail set. Clean outlines. Moved and handled well.  Should have a very bright future. One to watch. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.



1st Ten Napel’s EUKLEIA AURORA SPARKLE OF SIVHANA – Striking white with red, lovely balanced young male. Typical skull shape of good proportions. Neat ears and well set eye giving pleasing expression.  Clean shoulder down through well boned straight front. Enough forechest and brisket for age.  Clean lines with good tuck up. Rear quarters developing well, showing strength and shape. Moved out with purpose and drive, although rear movement could have been a little cleaner.  I liked his overall style and type very much and he competed hard for top awards today. I am sure he will go on to do well – his attributes are many and will ensure his path to top honours. His handler presented him faultlessly and the two are very much in the zone.

2nd Van Heerden’s EUKLEIA AURORA TITAN Red with white markings. Standard size dog.  Broad in chest and ample bone. Well balanced young male of good overall type. Good topline and tuck up. Rear quarters developing well. Handled well and presented in good form.

3rd  Vermeulen’s BOLDWIN SHAKA ZULU


 1) 2) 3) 4)


1st Jackson’s STAPPHIRE QUEST FOR GOLD B/Br well boned with good head shape,  neat ears and good eye placement. Strong shoulders. Depth of brisket ok. Up on his pasterns. Feet ok.   Good topline, short coupled, decent tuck up.  Bend of stifle ok.   Nice outlines overall; a good looking animal.

2nd Love & Rossouw’s ROSSWAR WAKA-WAKA Red offering a nice head shape, ears carried slightly high.  Very broad in chest. Deep through. Good topline. Solid build but a tad overweight, muscular strong rear quarters. Moved ok. Shown and handled well.  

 1) 2)


1st Wessels’ AGOE SHAMAT-JADAH B/Br who captured me  as soon as he entered the ring. Every time I glanced around the ring, he caught my eye for his overall breed type and stature. Lovely well balanced head, very clean, without any exaggeration. Strong enough in skull, deep though, distinct stop. Neat well set ears, good eye and a cracking expression. Good mouth. Broad enough forechest with straight front down to good feet. Correct shoulder placement, flowing through his withers to good rib depth and shape. Level topline. Pleasing underlines into tight tuck up and strong loin covering. Muscular throughout. Good hind quarters. He moved with ease and discerning drive around the ring. Stood naturally four square, up on his toes. His overall fitness was apparent and his coat condition first class.  Loved the overall type and look of this dog. Although he could have been handled better, as I understand  his owner/handler is a novice; I was judging the dog, not the handling, and so his overall attributes of which were numerous, won him this class with ease and also the BEST S.A. BRED, DOG CC and BEST OF BREED . I would have taken this dog home in a heartbeat. I am sure he will have no problem gaining his title, once his owner has some help and advice for handling and presenting him, which I’m sure you will all give him.  

2nd Schoeman’s LEWON BLACK THUNDUR OF KAVUKI B/Br  of quality. Strong skull and good shape with distinct stop. Strong enough in underjaw. Good ear and eye set offering typical expression. Clean shoulder angulation. Straight in front and ample bone throughout. Deep in brisket.  Level topline and clean underline through to good tuck up. Nice shape and definition to rear quarters, although not as fit as 1st. Bend of stifle ok and strong enough in hock. Moved out with drive and presented in top condition.

3rd Bezuidenhout’s BEZT THOMA HAWK

4th Goetsch’s AGOE BRUNO

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1st Ten Napel’s CH SYLON SAPHOOKA BULLET OF SIVHANA 7 years of age, red dog with dark mask of good quality throughout. Good shape to his head and skull, nice round eye, pleasing expression.  Clean lines. Straight front, enough bone, good feet. Good rear quarters and enough bend of stifle.  Presented & handled well. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW.

2nd Vermeulen’s CH LARUMO ONE AN ONLY OF BOLDWIN Br with white markings  of 7 years young. Standard dog, enough head to balance him, not overdone but ample bone and strength throughout. Straight in front from clean shoulders, width of chest ok and good depth to brisket. Good pigmentation. Firm rear end and nice bend to stifle. Good tail set. Presented well.

 1) 2)


1st Harris’ VOMHAUSHARROCK BURGUNDY BOY Br of quality with good size and strength of skull without being overdone. Well placed eye and ear to give pleasing expression. Lovely clean shoulder and well boned straight front and good feet. Enough depth of brisket and good tuck up. Level topline. Powerful rear quarters and good muscle tone throughout. Overall balance was pleasing. He moved with ease and drive. Handled to perfection and presented in top condition. Liked this boy alot.  Didnt hesitate to award him RESERVE CC AND BEST OF BREED. He will I’m sure go on to take his title as his attributes are numerous and he exudes a certain something that makes you want to look again.

2nd Goetsch’s AGOE NOBLE KNIGHT B/Br Standard sized dog.  Good width of skull. Clean head no exaggeration.  Well in bone. Tidy in front and pasterns.  Good topline. Tucked up into well covered loins, strong in rear promoting good movement. Gleaming coat condition. Nice type of dog overall. Handled well and put down in good form.

3rd Bezuidenhout’s BEZT HANG’EM HIGH


 1) 2) 3) 4)


1st Coetsee & Smith’s CH YARDSTICK ROB ROY OF LARUMO  B/Br worthy of his title possessing many attributes. He has excellent ring presence enhanced by his typical expression. Good sized standard dog of substance. Strong skull, deep through. Good underjaw. Strong in forechest and well placed shoulders. Straight front of ample bone. Nice underlines and topline. Strong in rear quarters producing driving movement. Stood foursquare. He has style and breed type throughout. A very worthy Champion. Handled and presented very well.

2nd Jackson & Ousman’s CH STAPPHIRE KILIMANJARO EYE Red dog. Nice style to him throughout, well balanced. Not as strong as 1st but has all the attributes of a titled dog. Typical head shape, good expression. Clean straight front of enough bone. No exaggeration. Good depth to brisket. Level topline. Pleasing profile throughout. Good rear quarters. Bend of stifle ok. Tight coat. Moved ok. Handled and presented well.


4th Love & Rossouw’s CH ROSSWAR ICE MAN

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1st Van Rijsbergen’s STAPPHIRE STAR FOR MRISKA AT TENGEENIE Red with dark mask. A young lady of good overall proportions. Nice head shape. Ears could be tidier but may settle with maturity. Clean in front with enough bone. Good spring of rib for one so young. Good topline. Hind quarters developing well showing muscle and shape.  Bend of stifle ok. Correct tail set.  Short in back. Moved out well. Handled well and presented in good condition. BEST OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Grek’s KELEV AWESOME BEAUTY Br standard sized bitch with decent head shape and size. Pleasing expression. Nice front and bone and good feet. Brisket and rib developing ok. Nice outlines throughout. Bend of stifle ok and good hock. Nice youngster who should go on to to mature well.


 1) 2) 3)



1st Jackson & Ousman’s STAPPHIRE RED OSTARA Red of quality. She stood out in this class and ticked all the right boxes. Lovely headshape offering typical expression from good ear and eye placement. Clean shoulder and angulation with lovely straight front down to good feet. Enough depth to brisket and spring of rib for her age. Held her level topline standing and on the move. Pleasing outlines throughout. Strong in rear with enough muscle to drive on the move. Cracking coat. Well balanced throughout. Liked this young lady alot and given the chance would take her home any day and I’m sure she will have no problem in securing her title. Oozed class and breed type. Handled very well and put in the ring in top condition. I had no hesitation in awarding her the BITCH CC, BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW AND BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW. What a beautiful bitch.

2nd Bezuidenhout’s BEZT BONA’MINA B/Br lovely type of bitch with pleasing  head shape with good proportions. Straight in front with adequate bone. Enough rib for her age.  Good proportions overall. Short enough in back. Nice rear quarters of good shape and build. Good Bend of stifle. She moved ok and was shown well.

3rd Love & Rossouw’s ROSSWAR DANCE JESSIE  


 1) 2) 3) 4)


1st Jackson’s STAPPHIRE QUEST FOR GLORY B/Br with good head shape of adequate proportions throughout. Mouth ok.  Nice ear carriage. Straight front. Well off for bone. Balanced overall. Good depth to brisket.  Level topline. Tucked up well into loin. Bend of stifle ok. She moved well with drive. Handler just has a tendency to stand her a little too wide at the front, otherwise she was exhibited well. 

2nd Newman’s SYLON VENDETTA OF BUSHREBEL Red bitch, of substantial build. Strong in bone and bigger overall than the first. Nice shape to head. Expression ok. Topline ok when stacked. Carried a little more weight than first. Moved and handled well.


 1) 2) 3)


1st Grek’s KELEV JULIA’S ROSE B/Br Nice overall style with lovely feminine head shape, pleasing and alert expression. Ears ok, which she didn’t use to her advantage. Straight front from good shoulder down to good feet. Nice brisket and rib shape with good tight tuck up to loin. Fit condition throughout.  Level topline both standing and on the move. Good rear quarters enabling sound movement. Handled  and presented well.


2nd Bezuidenhout’s RICHMAX GIRL O’AMISSION OF BEZT B/Br with good strength of head and skull whilst retaining feminine expression. Strength of bone throughout. Nice front. Good depth to brisket and rib. Slightly longer in back than 1st. Tucked up ok into well covered loins. Moved out with drive. Presented and handled well.



 1) 2) 3) 4)


1st Muller ‘s BOEHRINGERS TRICIA TILLY Red with white flash on chest. Standing four square with a lovely straight front and down to good feet. Strong shoulder of good angulation. Dark mask, typical head with enough strength of skull.  Keen expression. Good forechest and depth of brisket. Strong level topline. Strong in rear quarters having definition and good muscular cover.  Good bend of stifle. Moved out well.

2nd Lurie’s DELU EVAH B/ Br bitch of good sort. Loved her head shape. Straight front, enough bone and feet ok. Slightly loaded on shoulder and carried a little too much weight.  Nevertheless she is pleasing overall with good lines. Bend of stifle ok. Handled well.

3rd Coetsee & Smith’s LARUMO ASHLEY ENGLISH


 1) 2) 3) 4)


1st Bezeuidenhout’s CH AGOE CHARMING LADY OF BEZT B/Br with lovely clean headshape of good strength without exaggeration. Feminine expression from good eye placement. Lovely front with enough bone. Well covered deep rib. Carrying slightly too much weight. Good topline and underline. Strong muscular rear and driving movement. Worthy titled bitch of quality. Handled and presented very well.

2nd Louw’s CH RAMINARTUS NINA Br with white flash on chest. Competed well for 1st place, just preferred overall strength of 1st.  Enough bone and straight front from clean shoulder down to good feet and pasterns. Nice depth of brisket and rib shape. Level topline. Good tuck up into strong loins and muscular rear. Bend of stifle ok. Moved and handled well.


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Karon  Jackson

Jackabyte  Staffords/UK


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