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7TH MAY 2017


Judge : Mrs Jodie Sing (Aus)




Best in Show:

CH Eukleia Aurora Sparkle of Sivhana



Reserve Best in Show & Res Opp Sex

Marconn Kanya.



CC Dog

Capstones Roll The Dice of Ammicus



RCC Dog:

Sharrazar Jett Black


CC Bitch:

Marconn Kanya


RCC Bitch:

Boldwin Sassy Girl


Best SA Bred in Show:

Sharrazar Jett Black



Best Puppy in Show & BOS Puppy in Show:

From Left Jacro Days of Thunder & Rosswar Dare to Dream.



Best Veteran in Show:

CH Seastaff Top Gun of Eukleia



Best Baby Puppy in Show:

Raminartus Shamrockevabree Of Monterouge



 Email: info@psbtc.coza






What an enjoyable experience my time in South Africa was and one that will undoubtedly stay with me 

The weather could not have been kinder on the day, the trophy table was beautifully presented, rosettes were a picture and organisation commendable, I was well catered for and looked after with a fabulous spread for lunch, all decisions were excepted with respect, courtesy and sportsmanship, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every exhibitor for their entries and taking the time to travel and seek my opinion 

I had a pleasing selection of Stafford's to chose from, and very happy with my winners and final line ups 

I found type pleasing, mouths were good with only a few dentition problems 

Excess weight on dogs was something I would like to see improved along with fitness, quite a few were carrying too much weight, were soft to the touch, lacked muscle tone and definition, handling could also be improved, this helps with the overall presentation of your dog and proper assessment by the judge 

 My ring steward Walter is to be commended on the order he kept throughout the day sorting exhibits and keeping the ring running smoothly and efficiently with lunchtime entertainment of stories of Kruger Park and leopards and baboons had us all laughing and worried 

at the same time 

Lastly but certainly not least my sincere thanks to our hosts Adele Louis and Ansa who were not only our hosts but played a variety of roles throughout the week being tour guides, doctors, chefs and chauffeurs  and entertainment 

Our road trip to Kruger National Park and stay at Hazyview Cabanas was a life changing experience for me, the wildlife were truly amazing, I was in the best company with travel partner Claire and fellow judges Paul and Jeff along with Jeff's wife Gloria, fabulous memories fabulous people, I'll not forget our time together 

I'd like to thank the committee for the consideration and the Club for the opportunity 

You live in a unique and beautiful part of the world 

I encourage anyone that the club extends an invitation too, to grab it with both hands 

Thank you 

Yours in Stafford's 

Jodie Sing 




Baby Puppy Dog 

1.No 68. Eukleia Keamie Carlo Of Tolmiros ( AI) 

Red/White puppy 

What a promising puppy, lovely headshape , clean with neat thin rose ears, dark round eyes, square blunt muzzle of good length, with tight lips teeth still erupting but bite good, dark pigmentation,

Good length of neck, flowing into well laid back shoulders, tidy front, correct amount of bone, neat well padded feet, level topline and developing hindquarters with parallel hocks, he really enjoyed his time in the ring which was lovely to see in one so young. All the best with his future 



Minor Puppy Dog 

1st No 38. Frelonius Legacy Man Of Delu 

Black Brindle puppy 

This puppy has a lighter frame and more leg, he had a clean head of decent proportions, longer length in muzzle, tight lips, scissor bite, dark eyes and thin rose ears finished the picture.

His front is straight, well up on pasterns, level topline, could have more angulation in hindquarters along with depth, coat short and close, handled well  

2nd Bronxton Sam Hannah 

Red with white 

A lot to like about this puppy, he needs to relax and find his feet as he was proving a handful for his handler and assessing him properly was a difficult task he is a still very much a baby so plenty of time 

What I saw I thought he was a promising baby with plenty of virtues, pleasing headshape, a little excess flesh around the muzzle that hopefully in time with growth should sort out, dark pigmentation, ears were neat and sat well placed on the head when he alerted and caught a quick glimpse of his expression, he has a nice amount of bone and is short coupled. I think with time and patience he will prosper, goodluck 



Puppy Dog


1st Jakru Days Of Thunder 

Black Brindle 

Strong head with good stop and deep through square muzzle, correct bite, dark eyes neat thin ears and framed the head, developing cheek muscles, decent length of neck, adequate depth of brisket with plenty of bone, his front is a little tight and pasterns could be stronger, with work and maturity should improve, neat tidy feet, dark pigmentation, his hindquarters are developing well and he moved along with drive and purpose, seemed to have a good rapport with his handler 

Best Puppy In Show 



Junior Dog 


1st No 31 Capstones Roll The Dice Of Ammicus 

Black Brindle With White 

Quality dog with an impressive outline, has tremendous presence, caught my eye, he has a cracking head piece with typical expression, keen dark eyes, clean square deep through muzzle housing correct scissor bite with tight lips and ample underjaw, prominent cheekbumps

Neat Rose ears framed his head and finished off the picture, strong neck of good length and muscular wide well boned front, feet neat and well padded, he has an abundance of rib and a level topline that he kept on the move, 

Powerful hindquarters that were defined and hard to the touch with correct angulation. Moved with drive and purpose, he is right up my street would like to see a tad less weight on him to improve his overall outline and tuck, his coat was in first class order 

A beautiful Stafford, good luck with his future was more than happy to award him CC DOG 


2nd No 12. Larumo Gentleman Jack 

Black Brindle with white 

Smaller dog overall than first place but a balanced tidy package, pleasing head shape, neat thin ears of good size correctly set on the head, dark eyes, typical expression, straight front with correct bone for size and tidy well kept feet that turned out at the pastern 

Close coupled, well developed hindquarters of good tone and correct tail set that he carried correctly, presented and handled well  

3rd No 6 Cravonmark Tom McCoy Of Bezt 



Graduate Dog


No 75 1st Raminartus Saltan Of Swat

Black Brindle 

Strong clean headed dog, balanced, of good standard size, head of nice proportions with dark eyes, watched all that was going on around him , tight clean lips and small neat ears, short muscular neck into straight tidy front and decent bone, neat feet, topline good, which he kept on the move, muscular hindquarters that he moved out well with using to drive him along he stood foresquare and presented a pleasing picture, coat gleamed, handled professionally 


2nd No 5 Raminartus Say Hey Kid Of Bezt

Litter brother to first place, not unalike, pleasing head shape and clean no exaggeration, dark eyes of good size, correct bite, small rose ears finished the expression, He had a decent front with plenty of bone, well muscled hindquarters with parallel hocks, well let down, I preferred his brothers overall balance, this fella was another that was happy to be there and enjoyed his time in the ring 


3rd No 11 Larumo Mr White House 


S.A. Bred Dog


1st No 42 Sharrazar Jett Black 

Black Brindle 

Really liked this boy when he first entered the ring and was not disappointed on closer inspection, a tidy well balanced Dog of correct size and bone, no exaggerations, head of good proportions and clean with tight lips and scissor bite, when he decided to open his eyes he had typical expression, eyes dark, his front is well boned and wide, up on pasterns,  neat feet, nails black, he moved with drive and purpose, powered by muscular deep through hindquarters, tail set and carriage correct, coat was short and gleaming, one of the best presented dogs on the day, had a wonderful rapport with his handler, was pleased to award him RES CC and Best S.A Bred In Show, goodluck with his future 


2nd No 78 Boldwin Captain 

Black Brindle 

Another nice dog strong chiseled head of correct proportions, distinct stop, dark eye, lips a little thick, neat ears of good size and placement. Strong neck into straight well boned front, tidy well padded feet, slightly longer cast but had a good topline which he kept on the move and enough tuck up,was in fit hard condition, coat short, close and shining, hindquarters well muscled with good angulation, expertly handled  

3rd Kizus Shaddow 



Veteran Dogs 


1st Ch Seastaff Top Gun Of Eukleia 

Red with White 

What a wonderful old gentleman. Would  have loved to see this fella in his younger years. 

Typical Stafford head, type in abundance, beautiful in profile, displaying strength, chiseled with good stop, Square muzzle that was clean with no fleshiness, dark round appealing eyes. Just greying giving away his milage. Neat Rose ears that framed and finished off his typical expression. Prominent cheek bumps, strong neck into well angulated shoulders, straight front, decent spring of rib and depth of brisket. Level topline that he kept on the move. His hindquarters had depth, hard to the touch, muscular with parallel hocks, moved freely when he got going and enjoyed going out rather than coming back. A lovely dog that still held his own

Best Veteran In Show 


2nd Agoe Shamat-Jadah 

Black Brindle 

Another lovely dog my notes say balanced, a good blend of Bull and Terrier, another dog I would have liked to see in his younger days. He has a lovely outline, head of decent proportions dark eyes and neat thin ears that finished off the picture,  would like a touch more depth of brisket, topline good, short close coat and in lovely condition, moved well and enjoyed his time again in the ring



Open dogs 

1st Eukleia Moyo Bastian 

White Red Pied 

A substantial dog, punishing headshape , with excellent pigment and dark eyes plenty of depth through skull, distinct stop, shorter blunt muzzle housing good dentition ,prominent cheek muscles filled under the eyes, strong neck into best of fronts, plenty of bone well up on pasterns, abundance of rib, something of a rarity these days, level topline, correct tailset and carriage and well defined muscular hindquarters, hard to the touch, of good angulation that powered him along with drive, he was presented and handled well, from catalogue another I really liked from this kennel, well done 


2nd Boldwin Maximus Of Shakinat 

Black Brindle

I liked this dogs head shape, dark eyes, ears could be tidier, good dentition, clean muzzle ,tight lips, front is well boned and straight, neat feet, topline okay, would prefer more rear angulation 



Champion Dogs 

1st Ch Eukleia Aurora Sparkle Of Sivhana 

White / red

Are real Showman this dog caught  my eye on first examination, clean well-defined head no exaggeration or excess flesh, tight clean lips plenty of under jaw, dark pigment rimming them, good dentition, blackest of eyes round and appealing. He is well boned for size plenty of rib cage when viewed from above, short coupled, he has muscular hindquarters of good  angulation, moved well with purpose and clearly enjoying himself, was in fit hard condition that just got him over the line for Best Exhibit In Show, over the CC Dog was a very close decision for me, handled and presented first class 

Best Exhibit In Show 


2nd Ch Larumo Duke Master Of Shakinat 

Black Brindle with White 

Another balanced package, clean head small neat ears, dark eyes, blunt clean muzzle, head had good proportions decent length of neck into straight front, and correct bone for size, strong pasterns dark pigment, tidy well padded feet, longer cast in body, would like more depth through second thigh and more angulation in hindquarters, moved okay, coat short and close, handled expertly 



Baby Puppy Bitches 


1st Raminartus Shamrockevabree Of Monterouge

Black Brindle 

This puppy had the wow factor for me, I could have taken her home, a real beauty, I hope she finishes off as she has started, prettiest of heads, mouth looks good so far as teeth still erupting, has a wonderful profile, head is clean and feminine ,dark appealing eyes, good stop, clean square muzzle of good length, neat rose ears framed her beautiful head, everything Id want in a puppy of her age. Ample bone for size, level topline, angulation in both front and rear is good, carried her tail well, could have looked at her all day, I will watch for her in the future all the best

Best Baby Puppy In Show 


2nd No 7 Bezt Double'D 

Black Brindle 

Another lovely puppy, that has plenty of virtues, just didn't enjoy herself so much and hard to assess on the move, has a pleasing profile, good headshape with dark eyes, mouth looks to be coming through well, neat ears, topline at this stage is good, hopefully she will settle and learn to enjoy herself as she has a lot to offer, goodluck  

3rd No 9 Nanya Luna Moon 



Minor Puppy Bitches 


1st No 37 Rosswar Dare To Dream 

Black Brindle 

Finer but balanced more terrier bitch, finer bone, clean, feminine, head of good proportions, dark eyes, scissor bite decent front, neat well kept feet ,straight front level topline  short close coat that gleamed,would prefer more angulation in hindquarters, moved well and handled well 


2nd No.55 Bronxton Nell Jones 

Another nice puppy who with time would learn to enjoy yourself in the ring and allow proper assessment, gave her every chance, she is a smaller package, has a little excess wrinkle around muzzle , but again early days, bite changing but looks good, feminine, nice front short coupled, dark pigment, has good angles and when settled got to see her movement , she is a happy soul all the best with her in the future 



Puppy Bitches 


1st No 53 Maupa Majestic Rose 


Another with plenty of virtues, feminine, decent head of good proportions, adequate stop,dark eyes, clean around muzzle, ears could be tidier, correct scissor bite, neck of decent length, well boned straight front,  and neat well padded feet, moved along with drive and when settled could see her lovely top line, proved a challenge for her handler 



Junior Bitches 


1st No 65 Marconn Kanya

Black Brindle with white 

A real beauty of correct type and standard size, her head is strong, chiseled yet maintains femininity, keen and alert expression, she never took her eyes from me, muzzle of depth and width, enough fill under her dark round well-placed eyes, neat ears that finish off that whole typical expression, she had everything I look for in a bitch, balanced, neck of correct length, into well laid back shoulders, front of correct bone and width , adequate depth of brisket, her topline was level and she kept that on the move, well muscled and plenty of depth through her hindquarters and second thigh, in fit hard condition, she moved with purpose and drive, was a picture to watch, could win anywhere, well done to her breeders and good luck for her future, more than happy to award her the Bitch CC ,another I would have taken home 

Best Junior In Show ,Reserve Best In Show, Best Opposite Sex In Show 


2nd No 79 Boldwin Layla

Black Brindle 

Not as clean in head and muzzle as first place, but shape and profile along with proportions were pleasing, feminine, straight front with sufficient bone for size, topline level, was a bit flat today and didn't see her move at her best, her hindquarters were muscular with well developed hams and second thigh, was handled to her advantage  



Graduate Bitches 


1st No.80 Boldwin Sassy Girl 

Black Brindle 

A tidy package, had a beautiful head with typical expression, dark round eye and thin ears that sat well on the head, pronounced cheek bumps, clean short square muzzle and plenty of underjaw, good bite, wide front, well up on pasterns and feet were tidy, good angles in both front and rear, she had an impressive outline, coat was a picture and shone, she enjoyed her time in the ring, moved with drive and pushed hard for the top honour, well presented and handled A pleasure to award her the Res CC Bitch well done 


2nd No 46 Monetrogue Celtic Pride ( Ai ) 

Black Brindle with White 

Smaller more compact bitch than first place, typical headpiece, short muzzle distinct stop, dark eyes set wide apart, scissor bite and ample underjaw, she is short coupled and decent topline,  with correct tail set, muscular hindquarters that had good angles, parallel hocks, another nice bitch just preferred the overall balance of my first place, well done 



S.A Bred Bitches 


1st No 27 Stapphire Fayan Blaze 

White and Black Pied 

Standard size, compact bitch of clean lines and feminine, pleasing headshape with darkest of eyes and excellent pigmentation, wicked keen expression, scissor bite, ears ok, would like a tad cleaner around the muzzle, neck of good length into a tidy front of good width, right up on her toes, ample spring of rib, tuck up and well defined muscular hindquarters 

She clearly loved her time in the spotlight and moved out well showing herself to her advantage, another I could have put in the suitcase, presented in top condition and handled expertly 


2nd No 63 Kizus The I-Matriarch 

Red with White 

Bigger bitch overall than my first place, but sound as a bell and balanced, her head proportions are correct, with a strong deep through muzzle, would prefer a little cleaner in head, dark eyes and neat rose ears, she is well boned and her front is straight with nice angles, level topline and well defined muscular hindquarters of decent depth and fitness, well let down hocks, moved with drive and purpose, had a lovely rapport with her handler 



Open Bitches 


1st No 47 Ch Cravonmark Ella-Mae Of Monetrogue 

Black Brindle with White 

Classy bitch of good size, clean chiseled headpiece, medium muzzle length, good dentition and wide underjaw. Dark eyes, neat thin leathered ears she used to complete the picture, strong short neck into wide straight front with good bone. Ample spring of rib into close coupling and good tuck up, another that enjoyed herself and moved out well, hindquarters were muscular well defined and hard to the touch, coat was short and close, well handled 



2nd No 24 Tengeenie Morning Star Of Stapphire 


Standard sized bitch, balanced and feminine, has a clean head with typical expression her eyes could be darker but appealing with a soft expression, her ears a little untidy but they are thin and of decent size. Good bite, and dark pigmentation . Her front is wide of decent bone for her size, she has short neck that went into a level topline, plenty of rib, nice tuck up, and nicely angled hindquarters with well let down hocks, handled well 



Champion Bitches 


1st No 13 Ch Larumo Running Blaze 

Brindle with white 

My notes say strong but feminine, clean chiseled head deep through with square muzzle and clean lips. Scissor bite, dark eyes, neat rose ears, she had a keen typical expression, short muscular neck, into a wide boned front, plenty of rib, good tuck, wide well defined muscular hindquarters, she moved with purpose, coat was short and gleaming, a good honest bitch I liked her a lot 

Handled well 


2nd No 25 Ch Ronaith Tinted Ice Of Stapphire 

Red and white 

Typical beautiful headpiece, of correct proportions with no exaggeration ,deep through with distinct stop, clean around muzzle and ample underjaw. Eyes dark and set wide apart. Her ears were tidy and framed the head to give the whole appreciation of expression. Perfect head markings finished the picture, neck of good length into wide well boned front, neatest of feet and right up on pasterns, she is close coupled with plenty of rib, her hindquarters were fit and hard to the touch, 

Two lovely bitches that could and will swap places on any given day, well done 



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