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5th February 2005 Menlo Park High School Pretoria 


Overview from the Judge

My thanks to the committee and chairman, Koos Richards, (my able Ring Steward), for allowing me the opportunity of judging the 39 dogs at your Open Show and to Magda Richards for your great hospitality.


My compliments to all the entrants on their comradeship during and after the show, this was magic, and sincere thanks to Peter Greg for stepping in with his camera. The photographs were brilliant.(All 280 of them)


The day was hot and humid which caused a few dogs to suffer from the heat, fortunately without too much stress. On the whole the dogs present were of good quality which bodes well for our breed. Colour: Brindles dominated but there were some nice reds on show as well.


Movement: On average the reds moved better than the brindles.


Eyes: Generally nice and dark with only a couple of red dogs whose eyes could have been a bit darker


Heads.  Generally very nice and square although some could have done with more build up on the cheeks and a couple were a bit long and one or two bitches tended towards rather masculine type heads.


Ears were mostly rose shaped, nice and tight and some were half pricked.


Mouths. Care seems to have been taken in getting the mouths correct, however there was a high percentage of level bites. Fortunately no under or overshot mouths.


Necks.  On average were neat and clean giving a nice outline.


Shoulders and bone structure was sound, nice chests and the majority had plenty of lung and heart room.

The majority of the dogs needed to lose the extra kilos that they gained over  Christmas and some road work to tighten up their pasterns. This will also harden up the hams, rumps and stifles and do wonders for muscle tone, which in most cases needs to be worked on.


Couplings were above average, nice and tight .


All the dogs were presented bathed and clean.

Apart from one puppy who wasn’t too happy about being in the ring for the first time all the dogs had a friendly temperament, but I felt that most could have shown more attitude or showmanship.

What I really appreciated was that the “Old Hands” took the effort to quickly train and handle many of the newer members dogs in the ring.


Thank you

Mike Jennings

(Jendarme Staffords)


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