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CH Boehringers Lady Misha


Boehringers Arran Archie SA CH Boehringers Orval Oscar Boehringers Jehangir Jeff SA CH Vangershire Diesel A Dust
SA CH Boehringers Sarai-Saraid
Boehringers Bea Bethany SA CH Dorimabel Baruch Benedict
Boehringers Rhamona Rhacarla
Berinacious Stella's Pride of Boehringers SA CH Sylon Bliksem of Niccyn Knockon Make or Break of Richmax
SA CH Riefra Lady Roxanne of Sylon
CH Berinacious Heidi Lee SA CH Zeracious Sharp Impact
CH Berinacious Cheri of Majaz
Boehringers Bonny Beatrix Richmax Make way for Me Knockon Make or Break of Richmax Eastaff Tally's Man
UK CH Knockon Hocus Pocus
Richmax Hard Diamond SA CH Richmax Trigger
Richmax Black Magic
Boehringers Zarah Zita SA CH Vanity Venus of Boehringers Tenacious Omni Potent of Machin
Boehringers Egotriptic Eden
Boehringers Rios Rukheya SA Ch Rikarrystock Demolition Man
SA CH Belizamor Carla Calistra of Boehringers

Owned by Stella & Tooley Muller

Cell  021- 976 6412 / 0837513110



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